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- 7 defenders and 6 offensive players (teams can use a center). If in shotgun teams may use an extra player to snap.
- All players must wear a helmet.
- Each possession starts on the 40 yd. line - going in.
- First downs are made by crossing the 25-yard line and the 10-yard line.
- 3 downs to make a first down, even inside the 10 yd. line.
- PAT snaps are at the 5 yard line, offensive choice of hash. 2 point conversions will be from the 10 yard line with choice of hash.
- 4 seconds to get pass off; tournament staff will keep time. It will be loss of down and treated as a sack if not thrown in time. Clock stops on a sack in the final 1:00.
*NOTE: All passes must be forward passes. No laterals or the play will be treated as a sack. Swing passes are allowed as long as they are forward passes. If a swing pass does not result in positive yardage, the clock will stop under 1:00.
- The 4-second clock starts on snap of ball. The timer will notify sack after the play is dead.
- Possession changes after PAT attempt, failure to make a first down, or turnover.
Games are 21 minutes long. The clock runs continuous during the 1st 20 minutes and stops according to federation rules during the final 1:00. THERE WILL BE NO OVERTIME IN POOL PLAY.
- " In overtime, each team will get a PAT attempt (1-pt or 2-pt). The order will be determined by a coin toss. Winner gets to choose for first overtime and is alternated for each subsequent overtime. Beginning with the 3rd overtime, all attempts will be from the 10-yard line.
- Each team gets 1 timeout per game.
- All offensive formations must be legal sets.
- 25 seconds to get the play off.
- One hand-touch anywhere.
- No running plays allowed.
- No double passes or shuffle passes.
- No coaches on the field, coach from the sidelines.

- Touchdown - 6 points
- Interception - 3 Points (no points for INT on PAT) IN the event an INT is thrown on a sack the defense is awarded the points for INT.
- Turnover on downs - 2 points
- PAT - 1 point from the 5 yard line. 2 points from the 10 yard line.

- Defensive pass interference - 5 yards from the original line of scrimmage; Automatic 1st Down or half the distance.
- Offensive pass interference - 5 yard penalty and loss of down (ball will not be moved beyond 40 yard line)
- Defensive holding - 5 yards from original line of scrimmage; Replay the down
- Illegal procedure (offense) = 5 yard penalty
- Defensive off-sides = 5 yd. penalty
- Delay of game = Loss of down
- Fighting/Unsportsmanlike conduct (INDIVIDUAL PLAYER)
~1st Offense = ejection from game
~2nd Offense = ejection from tournament
- Fighting/Unsportsmanlike conduct (TEAM)
~If ANY player leaves the sideline to participate in an on-field fight, the ENTIRE TEAM WILL BE EJECTED FROM THE TOURNAMENT.
- Personal Foul
~Offense = loss of down and 5 yds. from original line of scrimmage
~Defense = 1st down and 5 yds. from original line of scrimmage
- Offense cannot be penalized behind the 40 yard line.
- In the event there is a defensive holding and a sack on the same play, the defense will be penalized according to the above and the sack will be ignored.
- In the event there is a defensive pass interference and a sack on the same play, the penalty is waved and the sack stands.
- In the event that a sack and interception happen on the same play, the interception stands.

Seeding, Tournament and Tie-Breakers
- Team will be broken in to 3 pools of 9 teams each.
- Teams will be seeded based on their pool play standings.
- Records which are tied after pool play will be broken as follows:
1. Head-to Head
2. Margin of victory (13 points per game max)
3. Overall fewest points allowed
4. Most points scored overall
5. Flip a coin
- Tournament is DOUBLE elimination
Printable Rules